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Dear Parents & Guardians,

Hope you are all safe and keeping well by the grace of the Almighty.

I take this opportunity to inform you that following the Honourable Supreme Court’s directive, we have waived off 20% from the School’s monthly fees and Session fees.

In doing so, our calculations show that the school ends at a loss.

In the history of our school, Ling Liang has always helped the needy students to the best of its capabilities and it has always found full support from the Parents & Guardians. Hence, we are sending an appeal to our Parents & Guardians that if you feel God’s blessings have still kept you capable to pay 100% fees, then kindly do so and support the school in these strange and difficult times.

This act of kindness will definitely help in the smooth functioning of the school. We will also put up the names of the students in our website, whose Parents & Guardians continue to pay full fees.

Since the bank will only accept 80% fee amount from 16th November 2020 onwards, hence Parents & Guardians who are willing to pay full fees may do so via A/C payee cheques (kindly mention the student's name and code number IN PEN at the reverse of the cheque), which they can drop it in the Drop-box kept in the school. The account payee cheque will be in the name of Ling Liang High School. Such Parents & Guardians are also requested to fill a Consent Letter, given in the school website, and drop it in the Drop box, along with the Account Payee cheque.

Parents and Guardians who do not wish to ask for refund of excess 20% fees already paid, may also fill the same consent letter and drop it in the Drop box in school.

Hoping and praying that God continues to bless and protect you all.

The Principal.


I Mr/Mrs ______________________________parent of

______________________studying in

Class _____________________

Section________________________do hereby

consent to give full 100% fees / allow the school not

to refund the excess 20% fees already paid, of the

Academic Year 2020-2021.


Parent’s / Guardian’s Signature



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