Dear Students.

I hope everyone of you and your families are in good health.

The Council, in consideration for your health and safety, has decided to give the candidates, appearing for ICSE and ISC 2020 Examinations, the option of choosing one of the following :

1. That you may choose to appear for the remaining examinations as scheduled by the Council.

2. Or you may choose not to appear for the remaining examinations as scheduled by the Council.

If you happen to choose to not appear for the remaining exams, then the Council is going to assess you according to the Pre-Board/Rehearsal Exam that you have appeared in your school.

In the event that the Council is unable to conduct the exams (due to seen or unseen forces), then the students' marks in their Pre-Board/Rehearsal Exams will be assessed.

It must be noted that the above steps will only be taken in the cases of those subjects for which the examinations could not be conducted. In the case of the other subjects, for which the exams were conducted successfully, the students will be marked according to their performances in those exams.

All students are hereby notified to inform the school about their decisions via applications/emails, by 17th June, 2020. You must address your application to the Principal and mention your name, class and Unique ID. The application must be signed both by the student as well as the Parent/Guardian and a scanned copy of the application be sent by e-mail to -

God bless.

The Principal's Office.

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